March Project: Replace Old Door Knobs

Removing the Old Door Knob

Replacing old door knobs is a small detail that can freshen up the entry ways in your home. The process requires a flathead and phillips screwdriver in addition to the new door knob. First, we'll go through removing the old knob before installation.

You want to remove the trim on both sides of the door. This is simply the ring shape on either side that rests against the door. Usually, you'll find two screws securing each plate to the door. Some newer doors will not have screws. You need to pry the trim from the door with a flathead screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver well underneath the trim to ensure you won't damage the door. Then, gently pry both rings off the door.Hank Ready to Replace the Door Knob

At this point, remove the only two screws left holding the door knob in place.

Once you've removed those screws pull the door knob apart. You should grab both knobs and pull at the same time.

After the knobs are out, you'll notice two screws holding the dead latch in place. Just take out the screws and pull out the unit.

Now, you can replace the dead plate. It's the small metal plate that catches the bolt or lock in the door frame. Simply unscrew it from the door frame. If you're making a drastic change, you may want to replace this as well to maintain a professional look. 

Installing a New Door Knob

As a reference, you should use the reverse order of the door knob removal directions. Screw in the new dead plate and then slide in the new bolt. Do this with the latch for the door knob as well.

On one side of the door, place a trim flush against the door surrounding the hole where the door knob will go. Place the door knob in its hole and follow the same process on the other side. When placing the second knob, you need to make sure they align properly. The two long screws must line up, so as to hold the door knob in the proper place.

Attach the two handles with the long screws. Tighten the screws alternately until you have a solid fit. You'll want to bring them together evenly, so make sure you're tightening the same amoung on each side.

Use the door knobs a couple times to test the fit and make sure the trim is aligned and flush with the door.

It's that easy to replace old door knobs, and you can really freshen the look of your home with these new fixtures!

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