May Project: How to Fill Cracks on a Concrete Driveway

Repairing cracks in a driveway can add curb appeal to your home and certainly maintain the quality of your driveway. It might also extend the life of your concrete work.

To get started, you want to gather a few supplies. From your local hardware store, you should grab concrete sealer cleaner and mortar repair in a caulking tube. You also should get a steel scrub brush, trowel and concrete patch.

Before filling the cracks, clean them thoroughly. Wash them out with water and allow them to dry. You also want to dig in the cracks and remove any loose particles from it. To help with this, you can use the steel scrub brush. 

Once the crack has been cleaned and dried, you can begin filling it. Add the concrete repair from the caulking tube. You can use the trowel or your fingers to smooth the edges. For larger cracks, you may have to create a concrete mix. You can fill in the cracks and use the trowel to smooth out the edges as well. The important thing to remember is that it's better if you catch cracks before they get out of control.

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