May Project: How to gardener's checklist

Repair bare patches, dog spots, and over seed thin lawns while the nights are still cool and spring rains are plentiful.

Apply Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food after first mowing. Water in well. Avoid applying to newly seeded areas in your lawn.
Mulch garden beds with pine bark mulch or cocoa bean mulch to help conserve moisture and reduce weed growth.
Prune lilacs, forsythia, azaleas, and other spring flowering shrubs immediately after they have fin­ished blooming.
Relevant Product(s): 8” Bypass Pruner: 384-479, 8” Drop Forged Pruner w/pouch: 857-151.
Work fertilizers and soil amendments into veggie gardens before planting.
Relevant Product(s): 20 lb. All Purpose Fertilizer: 504-993, Osmocote Vegetable Fertilizer: 113-852.
Begin using fruit tree spray after the blossom drop.
Relevant Product(s): 8 oz. Concentrated Fruit Tree Spray: 475-368, 16 oz. Concentrated Fruit Tree Spray: 735-183.
Set up peony hoops.
Fertilize established trees, evergreens and shrubs to encourage growth.
Relevant Product(s): Evergreen, Flowering Tree & Shrub Fertilizer: 485-078.
Apply Preen or other pre-emergent weed prevent­ers in shrub and planting beds to control weeds.
Fertilize Roses and begin spraying regularly to prevent mildew and black spot.
Relevant Product(s): Miracle Gro for Roses: 389-502, Rose & Flower Food: 101-428.
Plant summer blooming bulbs such as gladiolas, callas and dahlias.
Remove leaves and other debris that have collected under evergreens and shrubs and put in compost.

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